President’s Corner

Blood Donors of America (BDA) is a humanitarian 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2009 with the mission of saving more lives via blood donation. Its entire team including life and general members are highly motivated in its mission to enhance blood donation all over USA. Also, we are involved in blood donation enhancement activities in Nepal and beyond. In addition, BDA also runs health camps and talk programs to aware people about various health concerns, epidemics, life threatening diseases etc. BDA believes that it helps people to live healthy and prosperous life. We invite volunteer fellows from different walks of life to join BDA in this mission.

Blood is the basis of human life. It is the fluid that delivers necessary materials such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic wastage away from the same cell. Despite several scientific inventions in the modern world, no invention to date has been reported to make human blood in the laboratory. Hence, the blood transfusion from a healthy individual to the needy personal is the only option to save him/her when they have shortage of blood. Someone needs blood transfusion in every 2 seconds and the only way to fulfill such demand is by blood donation from someone else and this is to be achieved by blood donation. Since blood has a limited life, it gets destroyed in our body, even if we don’t donate it. On the other hand, if we donate the blood before it gets destroyed; it not only saves life of the recipient, but also helps the donor to stay healthy.

Since its establishment in 2009, BDA is growing all over USA and now it has its state level committee in more than 20 states and growing. It has successfully organized four national conventions, the latest of which was held in Baltimore, MD on Jul 22-23, 2023. The slogan for the 4th convention was “Donate Blood, Sharing is Caring, Healthier and Endearing”. It was the joint convention with Society of American Nepalese Nurses, SANN and several people from BDA as well SANN from different parts of USA were present in the convention. The convention elected 7th Executive Committee under my presidency. I would like to thank all the BDA members and well-wishers to provide such opportunity and request everyone to work as a family to spread BDA message to the community levels. I request each and every BDA members and officials to work with the local community leaders/workers to encourage them to connect with BDA to save more lives. 

Finally, BDA appeals everyone to donate blood and join BDA to go hand in hand to fulfill its mission. If you think that you or your loved ones may need blood anytime, then it is your duty to donate blood when you are healthy and eligible to donate. It is believed that one pint of blood that a person donates at a time is capable of saving as many as 3 lives. So far, more than 11000 pints of blood has been collected with BDA’s involvement and the number is growing. BDA organizes blood donation in coordination with various local, regional, and national level organizations and so we humbly request such organizations to work with BDA while planning for blood donation as we have experience how to organize blood donation campaigns effectively.

Thank you very much for your willingness to serve the community. Please visit our website to get in contact with BDA officials in your area for blood donation and any other heath awareness activities. 


Bhushan Lal Shrestha
President, BDA
Longmont, CO