Nepal Flood Victim Support-Fund
"Assimilation With Society Through Blood Donation"
वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् "Entire world constitutes but a family"

President Message

Blood Donors of America (BDA), and its entire team including life and general members are deeply motivated in life saving mission through blood donation. We would invite other volunteer fellows to join BDA in this mission.

In spite of advanced development in biomedical sciences and technologies, there is no successful invention for the replacement of blood, and its transfusion to save life. Someone needs blood transfusion in every 2 seconds and this is to be achieved by blood donation. Blood is a perishable biological product and has limited biological half-life. It gets destroyed in the body even if we do not donate it. However, it can save life of recipients, and at the same time helps to stay healthy to the donors.

To support the mission of life saving through blood donation, BDA has been an integral part of volunteerism which was established in 2009. Since its establishment, BDA started to grow slowly, and completed its first historical National Convention in May 27-29, 2016 in Dallas, TX. BDA has established a slogan of life saving motivation "Assimilation with Society through Blood Donation" वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् "Entire world constitutes but a family".

There are two main objectives of BDA-blood donation (also includes bone marrow matching) and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. As it is said, blood donation is a life donation act-and one has opportunity to donate only when s/he is healthy. The recipient's life is dependent on the life of donors. Several peer reviewed scientific papers have suggested that the blood donors have less risk of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer compared to the non-donors. In addition, the pre-transfusion tests done in donors blood help donors to stay informative about their health status against several life threatening diseases.

We are working in this humanitarian causes for several years, and BDA has extended its work across USA through its organizational structure, life members and social volunteers. We would like to invite everybody who realizes blood donation is a job of everyone and is a duty of all, to join the organization and make it of all. A single pint of blood donation in life is great, if you donate more than one time, that is awesome, and if you decide to go long-that is a real dedication to save the life of others and yourself too. Let's join our hands and contribute our community through blood donation. A netted hands and hearts make the community difference.

Thank you,

Nanda Regmi, DVM, PhD
President, BDA