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2014 Essay Competition Results

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of essay competition organized by Blood Donors of America among the students from the colleges and universities in North America. The theme of the essay was 


According to the report received from essay judging committee, the winners of the essay competition are as follows:

1) Bikram Sharma (First $500)

Title: “Donate blood to save lives: the most precious gift of life” 


2) Pratistha Shrestha (Second $300)

Title: “Donate blood to save lives – the most precious gift of life”


3) Shree Ram Sharma Dangal (Third $200)

            Title: “Making a difference through blood donation: Toward a global need for safe blood” 


Blood Donors of America would like to congratulate the winners and express a big thank you to all the participants. Of course, sincere thanks goes to the members of the essay judging committee for their hard work in evaluating the essays and providing the result in a short span of time.