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"Assimilation With Society Through Blood Donation"
वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् "Entire world constitutes but a family"


Greetings to everybody,


You are welcome to the second national convention of Blood Donors of America (BDA).


This has been an honor to have this opportunity to write few words on the behalf of BDA, the most prestigious, and respectful organization of life savers. I was honored to welcome all blood donors and social heros in 2016 in Dallas as a convention chair of the first joint convention of BDA and Society of American Nepalese Nurses. This time, I have been offered the privilege to welcome you all once again at the capacity of president of this great organization, and thus am grateful for the opportunity. On the behalf of BDA, I am thankful for your participation,seen or unseen support, and solidarity to make BDA stronger and larger.


BDA, established in 2009, has now passed about a decade in community services with more than 8.5K pints of blood donation altogether, and stands today with about 400 respectful members across US and beyond. The distinguished BDA family is a 501c3 charitable organization with the support and trust of the most respected couple Mr. John W. Sheppard, the highest whole blood donor with the Guiness book records and his wife Mrs. Ellen Sheppard from Florida. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this great couple for their lifelong services. I do acknowledge their solidarity and encouragement to the next generation blood donors. I do also appreciate the best wishes of President Jimmy Carter and President of Nepal Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari to this convention.


I would like to congratulate to all of my team members of executive committee and convention committee who have contributed their tremendous efforts to bring this day at this level of progress. All the BDA leaders, founder members, state coordinators, members of BDA present and past committees, blood donors are being respectfully remembered at this moment for their dedication who have contributed to this organization to achieve this level of respect and honor. I do also recall and appreciate the respectful relationship of BDA with all professional, local, regional, national, international organizations, blood banks, and the government entities both of US and Nepal.


I am very much happy and encouraged to note the fact that hundreds of blood donor volunteers and well wishers have trusted and joined BDA with their faith and commitments to serve community through blood donation. We do respect all of you and welcome on board. Unity is our strength that makes a difference, and we can bring a change. "Be a Lifesaver, Be a Blood Donor" under the umbrella of BDA. I would appreciate once again your commitments to stand with BDA in serving community through blood donation.



Dr. Nanda Regmi
Blood Donors of America



Dear Friends and Colleagues,



It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend to you a warm invitation to the Second National Convention of Blood Donors of America (BDA) being held on 26 May 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Windy Hill Road, Atlanta Georgia. As a Convention Chair and the BDA State Coordinator for Georgia Nepalese Society, I would like to welcome you all to the beautiful and vibrant City of Atlanta.

After assuming the responsibility of State Coordinator for BDA Nepalese Society in Georgia in 2008, we have been actively coordinating blood donation drives in the Metro-Atlanta region. According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood in every two seconds. In addition, although an estimated 38 percent of the total population is eligible to donate blood, only less that 10 percent actually donate each year. This number translates to approximately 6.8 million blood donors each year. In this regard, BDA has been undertaking an arduous task of hosting blood donation drives and conducting awareness programs in various States within the U.S. in an attempt to meet the critical demand of blood to save hundreds of thousands of lives per year.

With the theme "Be a Life Saver, Be a Blood Donor", we have gathered once again to discuss various ways to fulfill BDA's mission and identify new partnership opportunities in order to continue and expand this vital task of saving lives and most importantly, educating potential donors to join our cause. We hope for this to be a shared learning experience for all and thus, your relevant knowledge contributions will be the key to the success of this convention.

We hope you have a wonderful conference experience and hope your stay here will be a memorable one.

Thank you.
With best regards,
Bhabindra Basnet
Convention Chair and BDA State Coordinator, Georgia Nepalese Society



Welcome to 2nd BDA Convention 2018

I am Satish Gupta, Convention Secretary for 2nd BDA Convention 2018 to be held in historical city of Atlanta, GA.

For a grand success of this 2nd BDA Convention 2018, we have gone through each and every step of the convention, look minor things and apply our experience from First BDA Convention, Dallas, TX.

We have elected several convention coordinators based on their expertise and experience to serve 2nd convention better from different states who were present in first BDA Convention and from other Nepalese Organization.

To organize 2nd BDA Convention 2018 in Atlanta our BDA president and executive committee has authorized Mr. Bhabindra Basnet , GA as Convention Chair , Mr. Satish Gupta as Convention Secretary, Mr. Ranjan Kandel and Mr. Eka Dev Sharma as Convention Joint Secretaries.

Similarly to perform different kind of task BDA President has created different committees to carry out all works, for example: Program Coordinator, Registration Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Kits Coordinator, AGM Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, Publication and Souvenirs Coordinator, Food Coordinator, Cultural Coordinator, Blood Drive Coordinator ETC.

Each committee has a Coordinator and their members in each team to make everything works properly.
Up to 04/24/2018 date, we have already had five meetings of Convention Coordinators. All meetings were carried out on conference call and participation was exciting. The meeting dates lists as given below.

  1. Dec 03, 2018
  2. Jan 07, 2018
  3. March 25, 2018
  4. April 08,2018
  5. April 22, 2018

Similarly we have each committee sub coordinators meeting 3-4 times to look each and every aspect of our program and mostly in every meeting with sub coordinator our BDA president Dr. Nanda Regmi, Convention Chair, and Convention Secretary were present and Finance Coordinator when needed.

Some of the BDA Board Members were also present in our Coordinator Meeting so that we could inform BDA Board Members about progress of our Convention.

We are getting genius help and supports from all our friends, families, others Nepalese Organizations nationally and internationally. Our BDA President Dr. Nanda Regmi is working 24/7 with his team to make this convention a grand success. I specially thank our BDA President and his team for all their hard work.

I would like to Welcome all BDA Board Members past and present, Friend of BDA, families of BDA Member to participate in 2nd BDA Convention 2018 in Atlanta, GA and make it a Grand Success.

Satish C Gupta
Convention Secretary,
BDA Second Convention